Gohara company was created by Brazilians and foreign residents, who gathered a set of solutions to support the newly arrived foreigner, whether professionally or personally.

We count on a multidisciplinary team to advise you on your arrival and adjustment in Brazil, offering all the help about services and professionals to hire. Our goal is to make your stay worry free.

We give you all the support with a Brazilian heart and the Japanese efficiency!


GOHARA Company was founded in 2008 by Japanese Masanobu Gohara and his wife Maria Gohara initially by offering electrical system projects and services.


In 2014, Maria Gohara and her son Vitor Masaki establish a real state freelancing activity through a partnership with real state companies. Maria, who had been a foreigner resident in Japan, realizes that some clients, when moving to São Paulo, experienced the same adjustment difficulties she faced in Japan.


With the knowledge and experience achieved by her company, Maria launches, in 2015, GOHARA BUSINESS AND SUPPORT, expanding its activities to meet the needs of her foreigner customers.

By the same year, Atsushi Miyajima, a Japanese partner joins the company taking over the communication department as an interpreter and translator. His background helps to strengthen the bond between Japanese companies and the families of expatriates.

In 2016, Julio Adati, a Nissei partner, joins the company to lead the commercial department, adding his extensive professional practice in the corporate world.


Nowadays, GOHARA offers support for companies, foreigners and their families, students and medical residents assuring their well being, safety and comfort while in Brazil.

Our Mission

To offer support, with quick and trustful solutions that satisfy our clients, making them feel safe and comfortable in this new season of their lives.

Our Values
  • Commitment

  • Honesty

  • Responsability

  • Human Appreciation

Our Vision

To turn into a reference company and to provide total support to our clients.

Founder's words

Today we live in a world where people have to travel long distances to pursue their dreams and goals. I was born in the northeast region of Brazil and, since I was pursuing the fulfillment of my dreams and goals, I came to São Paulo. Here I got married to a Japanese man and together we moved to Japan where we lived for five years. In this journey, I acquired personal and professional experience to understand the difficulties and anxieties of the ones who migrate to large cities. I am grateful to be able to work in the advising and consulting field to help people who need to feel safe and have a customized support to adjust to a new environment. Our goal is to help you enjoy the comfort your life deserves through the services we can offer.

Maria Gohara

Founder of GOHARA Business and Support


I am Japanese from Hokkaido. I studied at universities in Brazil and Japan. Because of my background knowledge in both languages, cultures and way of life, I have been able to work as a translator and interpreter for many years now. With this acquired know-how, I want to help finding solutions for our customers´ problems. 

Atsushi Miyajima

In my professional experiences in the corporate world, I usually had to deal with Japanese companies. In Japan, I worked for more than eight years as an engineer working daily and closely with Japanese professionals. After this experience, I worked for well-known Japanese multinational automakers for more than ten years. With these background knowledge and experience, I am sure I can work as a facilitator to support foreigners on a daily basis and, therefore, make their lives more peaceful and comfortable.

Julio Adati

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